Please consider yourself and your family invited to the New Comers Lunch (i.e. anyone wanting to know more about LifeSpring, etc.).  It's a great opportunity to meet some new people, check out Starting Point, look into joining a LifeGroup or consider a Next Step that makes sense for you.

     ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Coming Events...


​​Sunday, September 24 @ 8:30AM:  Prayer...

Sunday, September 24 @ 10:00AM: 

                     "Losing Your Religion" - week 3

Sunday, September 24 @ 12:00noon:

                                          New Comers Lunch...

Sunday, October 1 @ 12:30PM: Starting Point

Friday, October 20 @ 3-9:00PM:  Ray of Hope


Children...   Sunday at 10:00AM
                                   Nursery: pre JK
                                   LifeKids: JK to grade 5
                                   Junior Youth:grade 6-8
                                  Sunday at 7:00PM

                                 Senior Youth: grade 9-12

9:45AM - Coffee is on!

10:00AM - Adult and Childrens Programs

7:00pm - Senior Youth LifeGroup


380 King Street N., Unit 5  Waterloo, ON

Phone/Text: 226.339.2204

e-mail: info@lifespringcf.ca

At LifeSpring we believe that life is like a road trip, full of adventure, risk and mystery. We're all on a journey that requires travelling together on a road with its detours and ups and downs.

Our focus is to be a community of faith that loves people one story at a time. We strive to be a safe, accepting place where we can explore questions of faith as we journey together.

Come with us and join the adventure!

​​Our Vision
… to be a church that unchurched people love to attend.

Our Mission
... to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, loving them one story at a time.

Our Culture...

Our Vision & Mission

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Frequently Asked Questions...
Do I need to dress up?  Nope. We like you just the way you are.
Do you have programs for my kids?  We sure do, from pre-school right through to high school - see below.

What if I’m not sure about Christianity?  Perfect. That’s why we exist. You can explore faith at your own pace.

​​​​​​​​​​What religion is powerless to do, GOD did!Face it. Religion can get pretty strange pretty quickly. Mystical. Superstitious. Legalistic. Judgmental. Hypocritical. But religion isn't going away. The human race has an insatiable curiosity regarding the divine. Join us to see how the message of Christ serves as the fulfillment of religion.                                   September 10 to October 1, 2017

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   ​      ​​​380 King Street N., Unit 5, Waterloo   ON               




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