Key leaders:



David Wilkinson - Worship Arts Pastor

Growing up on classic pop and rock music, Wilkinson became fascinated by powerful, moving songs that tell compelling stories. Having spent years in bars, churches, festivals and arenas from Toronto to Vancouver, playing hours of covers and honing his songwriting skills, Wilkinson is now working with Covenant award-winning producer Andrew Horrocks to bring his own collection of powerful & heartwarming originals to life. 
"Music is what I was made for," explains David. "I believe God has designed me to touch people's lives through music. I want to inspire love, passion and hard work!" When not writing or performing, David serves as a youth worker and pastor in Kitchener-Waterloo. "I want to be defined as 'an artist who is a Christian', not just a Christian artist; the distinction is important to me because I want to be able to write about anything. God loves when we sing songs to Him, and about all He has made."


John Lewis - John and Michele have two grown

children. They are both passionate about leadership

development. They like travel, entertain, read good

books, and enjoy a great cup of coffee.  John is the

current chair of LifeSpring's LifeGroup Leaders Team.

Derek SatnikDerek and his wife Jackie live in Kitchener with their seven beautiful children. They are both actively involved in the church and love to share their gift of hospitality.  Jackie is a stay-home mom who works twice as hard as Derek does  :-).  By day, Derek is an

engineer and environmentalist: he  and his company

(Mindscape) have won many awards, locally and

internationally, for their work building sustainable

communities and green energy projects.  Derek

volunteers prolifically across the industry, and  believes

that part of following Jesus  means using your gifts and

skills to honour him. As a business leader, Derek serves Jesus actively at church, and in his business. For more on Derek, you can read his LinkedIn bioDerek is the current chair of the Hosting Team.

Bryan Taylor - Bryan and Jaqua have four children. Bryan as a technology proficient, is part LifeSpring's tech and audio

visual area. Both he and Jaqua are actively involved with

the Young Adults group. They also enjoy traveling and

have gone on various short term missions trips.  Bryan

is the current Chair of the LifeSpring Board of Directors

and the current chair the Scheme Team.

John VanBruwaeneJohn took early retirement from the business world in January 2009, where he had a background in contract management, budgeting, team leading, the computing industry, etc. 

He is part of the Leadership Team and also does some

administrative work for LifeSpring.   John and his wife,

Laura Gwen, have a heart for the hurting/disadvantaged

and have been volunteers with a number of

organizations in the area.  John has been on a number

boards and is currently on the Board of Supportive

Housing of Waterloo (SHOW).  Their love for God motivates their whole life.  John is the current chair of LifeSpring's Elders Board.

Leadership Team 

What is the Leadership Team?  Its a handful of passionate ministry leaders, staff and elders that regularly plot together to lead our church by creating hope filled, safe spaces, that inspire people in a healthy culture ... it takes hard work, a lot of time, BUT its God’s awesome story.

Kids: Great teachers - great fun

Leader:  Judy Jewett

Youth: ​Youth with purpose

Leaders: Sr. high - Allan Wiens & Brianne McCallum

               Jr. High - Bill Jewett & Murray McKay

Young Adults: Young adults with focus

Leader:  Jaqua Taylor

P2P: Creating safe places for children and vulnerable adults

Leader:  Laura Gwen VanBruwaene

Connections Team: Connecting and welcoming
Leaders:  Rick Krause and Chad Richardson

Tech Team: Ensuring Sunday has good sound and sight
Leader:  Sean Evans

Finance Committee: Managing LifeSpring's finances
Leader:  Michele Lewis

LifeGroups:  Mid-week gatherings in homes, etc.
Leader:  John Lewis