Life is like a road trip, full of adventure, risk and mystery. We’re all on a journey that requires traveling together on a road with its detours and ups & downs. Here is some of what we can expect as we do life together at LifeSpring. Come with us and join the adventure!


Faith is a journey, history a catalyst, rebirth is celebrated, change is embraced, authenticity is realized, growth is happening.

​● We celebrate what God has done and is doing. We expect change and follow where God leads.
● We are faith-filled, big thinking, bet-the-farm risk takers. We don’t insult God with small thinking or safe living.
● We are shrewd kingdom managers, intentionally scheming to ensure everything we do is effective and
● We always bring our best. Pursuing excellence honours God and inspires people.


Health of the soul comes from embracing the unending work of the Spirit. 

● We are accepted by God. We run to Him.
● God desires to heal our soul. We choose to surrender to God’s process of making us healthy.
● We will ask for help, receive help and give help.

car pooling

The adventure of following Jesus cannot be lived alone.

● We are part of the “capital C” Church! We hold people loosely, partner readily, and are happy to see other churches grow.
● We will lead by example. We will not ask people to do what we are not willing to do.
● We choose to purposefully invest our lives in one another. We will live the Christian adventure in fresh and unique ways.
● Serving is an opportunity to love people and equip leaders. We don’t recruit volunteers; we identify, equip, and release leaders.
● We laugh hard, loud and often. 


We are the church and we exist for others.  You do not have to believe what we do to journey with us.

● We are spiritual contributors and not just spiritual consumers. We will risk looking beyond ourselves, trusting Christ to bring fresh life to everyone.
● It is more blessed to give than to receive. We will lead the way with irrational generosity.
● We accept everyone in grace and love. You do not have to believe what we believe to journey with us.
● We are a safe place. You matter to us and God.

scenic lookout

It’s about Jesus and everyone is invited into His way of life and we believe it is the best possible way to live.

● We are broken. Jesus Christ is the answer. We respond in surrender.
● We are made to worship. We pursue Jesus with reckless passion.
● We are all in God’s great redemptive story. What is your role?